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Ro-Ro is the short term for “Roll on – Roll off” which means that cargo in this category is on wheels or tracks and self-propelled and/or towable. This cargo will be loaded on board by driving from quay over the ramp in to the vessel. Each deck has its own vehicle category; Cars, Small Vans, Big Vans, Trucks and Trailers and High & Heavy machines. For more information please contact us or request for a quotation.

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As a West-Africa specialist for Ro-Ro we can offer most destinations. Some of the destinations we offer on regular basis and can be quoted directly. For other destinations, please sent us a request. We are distinguished by providing the best service in our industry in combination with fair rates. We offer shipping solutions for all kinds of equipment, from a small car to a very highg and heavy machinery. We are proud to be your shipping partner.

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